Women's Rights In The 19th Century

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Gaining woman 's rights and establishing woman suffrage were the obstacles that woman activists of the nineteenth century faced back then. Women 's rights are said to be universal and that means that it concerns all women. Most of the policies and laws in the nineteenth century highlighted the importance of men and their rights. However, women strived and struggled to fight for their rights. There was a similar group of people who fought for their rights who were African Americans. Voting rights and worker recognition was the main focus of women, as well as African Americans. Moreover, women 's rights and abolition often clashed together, but both events worked together as women were supporters of abolition. There were numerous rights that…show more content…
It was necessary for them to establish this because without an organization women 's rights would be harder to achieve. In addition, women have been playing a role in American history for centuries, but many of them have gone unrecognized for the achievements they have won. Therefore, it was time for women to stand up for themselves and win the rights freedoms that they deserved. In order to establish a basis of gaining equal rights, women started out as supporters for causes and then incorporated their own rights while they were in the supporting movement. Moreover, Stanton argued for “is the opportunity, perhaps for the century, to base our government on the broad principle of equal rights for all.” (pg. IV). Establishing the goals of the organization was a crucial for women because without a goal set in place, it will be difficult to move on with the process of gaining Equal Rights for all. These women would by all means go to the far reaches of the country to establish women 's rights. For example, "Stanton and Anthony allied instead with white supremacists that supported women’s equality. Many fellow activists were dismayed by Stanton and Anthony’s willingness to appeal to racism to advance their cause." (Reconstruction and Women, pg. IV). Therefore, women faced many obstacles like going against their will to gain support and aid in their

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