Women's Rights Essay: Women Should Have Rights Too

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Madison Jacks Professor Griffin ENG 251-02 07 October 2014 Women Should Have rights Too Why can women not have the same rights men do? Women have come a long way in equal rights but in the 1800’s women did not have the same rights as men. Women were almost considered “second-class” compared to men. Women could not own land, vote, or even have custody of their children in a divorce (Goff). Even in the 19th Century there were women who knew that women could do the same things as men, but men thought then, and even some today, think that women are just not capable. Women just want to be seen as equal to the men. Women, or groups of women, had to fight for what they believed in in order to get the rights they wanted and deserved. Strong women fought for equality between men and women through the right to vote. In the late 19th century women wanted the right to vote which was what they called suffrage (Trueman.) Women should have the right to vote and have their…show more content…
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