Women's Rights

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Women were discriminated against in the 1700’s. Men believe that The men believed that the woman was supposed to cook, clean, take care of the men, and teach the son before they go to elementary. Women, mothers, and wives wanted to be able to say no to the men; the women was just basically slaves no right, on freedom, and no education. Most women was to scared to do what they wanted and they didn’t know what to do about it. Women wanted to be treated like people and to be able to own land and work. This started the women right, women war, and the women suffrage. Girls had very poor education. They was supposed to teach their son before he go off to school. But since the women had no education what was they supposed to teach her son. They mainly taught them how to clean cook and listen. In 1848, Senera Falls stared the women right movement. This was held at Worcester, Massachusetts.There was over a hundred to participate; 32 men and 68 women. Over 100 african americans was to secretly try to get the woman's right to vote. There was some woman who believed that if women had th...

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