Women 's Suffrage Of Women

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Women 's Suffrage
From the moment we are born, we are placed into categories. Boxes are checked and information jotted down in the margin. Yet it seems that the box checked that separates us the most is the first one checked. Girl? or Boy? According to our current and past system of government, it seems that one is better to be checked than the other. As we live in a first world country we take for granted the rights granted to us. Yet as an American woman, I wanted to know who I can thank for the opportunities and rights I utilize everyday. The freedoms and rights belonging to women today are attributed to the women who acted against oppression and identified themselves as suffragists.
On July 19, 1848, a cluster of women met in a living room to discuss the future of their gender. This first organized meeting of suffragists was known as the Seneca Falls Convention. It was a formation of women 's rights groups all around the United States. The members of this reform movement believed themselves to be women fighting against the limitations set by society. The long journey of strife of the woman 's rights movement was ironically set in motion publicly by a man. Reverend Charles Grandison Finney began allowing women to pray aloud in gatherings of his co-ed church. This outraged the male population of the congregation as women were to be silent and concealed from view while in church. This is considered to be the beginning of the woman 's reform movement. Among the movements made during the Seneca Falls Convention, the first and foremost was the Declaration of Sentiments. It was signed in 1848 by 68 women and 32 men. It was a Declaration of Independence composed by men and women, aiding in the causes for women.
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...opportunities for women yet we are hindered for to our predominantly male history of political leadership. Representation of women in the United States political system needs to increase in order to properly govern America as a whole. As a country composed of both men and women, it is obvious that the governing faction should consist of the same ratio.
The women who identified themselves as suffragists were no different from the women of modern America. They prospered at time and struggled in the others. At times they doubted themselves and their cause as a whole.Yet they still stood up in the face of oppression and domination. These women proved that a woman 's place was in the house, and the senate. These women as Gail Collins put it, “did not believe that the fact that things had always been done one way made them right” (Collins 105) These women were suffragists.
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