Women 's Rights Of Women

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Imagine you are walking down the street, minding your own business and a stranger approaches you, they stop you, talk to you and may even begin to touch you. What would you do? If you were a man you might respond in an act of violence, if you were a child you may be able to scream and run away but for most women this is something we must fear and sometimes endure every single day. Now imagine what you might be feeling, maybe you are scared, vulnerable or helpless, some may find this hard to imagine but because of the lack of support of women’s right those are feelings that women feel all the time. In Canada alone “half of Canadian women have experienced some form of sexual or physical assault since the age of 16” (The Facts about Violence against Women). Although this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to violations of women’s rights, on any given day most women can most endure instances of inequality and discrimination whether it be within the public or private sphere. While women’s rights are wide-spread, pressing issue, there is a lot challenges about how to handle women’s rights. Especially when it comes to how to define, punish, and prevent women’s rights violations within the public and private sphere. Some these challenges occur when dealing with different cultural and feminist perspectives, the variances between international law and state law, and a lack of support and education for women.
We make up one world of many different cultures, which produce people of different backgrounds and beliefs; this is why determining a definite right and wrong is so hard, there will always be many grey areas based on matters of opinion. For instance some people argue that women should have special rights because there are ...

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...re divided about women’s rights and need to come to a conclusion in order to find peace and equality.
“Clapham, once Amnesty 's representative at the UN, argues that the false dichotomy between public and private in human-rights practice reinforces existing power relationships, annuls welfare legislation, reasserts old privileges, and denies "women and children freedom from oppression in the forgotten domestic sphere". More immediately, the failure to protect people against private violations of their rights leaves the most vulnerable individuals and groups unprotected.” (Weir 1994)
This is something that will continue to be problem because most people do not want to embrace change and we saw that with the results of the 2016 American Presidential Election. While I wish this were different only time will tell if equality will ever be the root of social construct.

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