Women 's Influence On Women

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“Hey are you going to the party tonight?” you hear them ask you. As you agree you also wonder what will people’s first impression of you be when they see u walk in the door at that frat house party everyone seems to be going to. Women have gone into a state of mind that in order to fit in, they have to look and dress a certain way to impress in these college parties. But these never ending expectations held against women is not an issue that has recently developed throughout time as it dates back to civilization. For the most part, women are considered prominent over men which causes women to act in a certain behavior in which will function to get them to events such as frat parties. In today’s society, women are constructed to to act well mannered to which they greatly differ from men. It is important to bring awareness to this topic because it improves our everyday interactions with individuals. Differing gender expectations influences us by the way we think in which we continue forming social constructs rather than reforming them. Ignoring this issue will only continue on developing these behaviors in which we one day would like to get rid of A major issue that surfaces across college campuses is the action of rape. The main focus where most of these actions occur is in frat parties where teens may not be able to control their high testosterone and adrenaline rush. A study by U.S. News states that “one in five women are sexually assaulted while in college” (Nisbet, U.S News), this comes to prove that sexual acts are more common in college when compared to other crimes. For the most part, women are blamed for the act as they get blamed of it because of the way they dress. Common excuses brought up are that they could have prev... ... middle of paper ... ...a controls certain thoughts to society from such a youthful age. At the point when a lady is depicted in films, she is either pursuing adoration, sexualized or a delineated as a housewife. Contrary to popular belief, today’s society has developed the media to become a source of great affect towards our everyday lives. The media has alluded their concepts and beliefs into our consciousness causing us to be unaware of the persuasion and influential aspects this has in our lives. Representation of relationships between men and women assert conventional roles and normalize the over-sexualization of a woman’s body. It is of our responsibility to bring to attention this issue and defy these expectations with the idea of normalizing a woman’s figure. Until the objectified female figure refrains to be a fascination in pop culture, we cannot claim complete gender equality.

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