Women 's Influence On Women

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Women in STEM Betty Holberton, one of the six programmers of ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), earned a place in the Women in Technology Hall of Fame for her contribution to ENIAC programing and for her overall success in the years that followed. During WWII men were sent overseas to fight in the war. The shortage of men forced the army to search for college educated women who could compute ballistic trajectories. Betty was one of them. In 1997 Betty was the only one of the six women who programed the ENIAC, to win the Augusta Ada Lovelace award, the highest award for women in computing. Although she had moments of glory her journey to the top was not easy. On the first day of class her math professor told her she would be better off raising children, that trying to earn a degree in mathematics was a waste of time. She was discouraged and decided to pursue journalism, there she was able to research and write about anything she was passionate about, computers. Fortunately she was hired to work for ENIAC and although she struggled with She The question is why so few? Are they not smart enough? Or are they bombarded with biased and sexists remarks that influence their decision to leave or stay? Regardless, America cannot afford to lose half of its creative and technologically skilled population. A diverse set of minds is essential for societal growth and technological innovation. For that reason we must encourage and interest young women’s minds through education and mentoring programs in order to significantly increase women 's participation in STEM. Women in male dominated jobs. In the engineering field it is typical for a women to feel outnumbered and sometimes feel out of place. Females often experienc... ... middle of paper ... ... When they are exposed to great intellectual minds they will find motivation to be just as successful as the person speaking to them. In conclusion, stereotypes have hindered women 's ability to pursue these careers. Society has placed an image of what a successful scientists would be and often that successful scientist is a man. In order to upbring female confidence in male dominated jobs. Society must focus on changing our perspective of women in higher positions. There must be encouragement and support towards them in order to benefit society. Also women need to find the importance of participating in the fields and the only way they will participate is if the image that society has established and has continued to oblige to for so long, changes. It is almost impossible to go further into the new technological era if half of the population is being left behind.

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