Women 's Influence On Women

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Women were not only treated as a sexual object but also as simply something for the Greek men to look at. The men directed their gaze at women and a prime example of where that would occur would be in Greek theater and plays. Originally in most Greek theater productions women were not featured in the plays because the womens parts were played by men. Due to this the women were most often not portrayed very accurately or fairly by the men. Women were never the the possessor of the gaze but rather the person who got gazed upon by the men. This created some contradiction because it could be thought of that since the women were the ones being looked at that they possessed the power they originally thought they did not. This was thought of because the women were the object of gaze and this was made as a thought that the men were looking at the women for a reason when in reality that was not necessarily true. The women were looked at mainly because the men just needed them to carry on their legacy and they were simply something that wasn 't unpleasant to look at. Some women, mostly but not excluding Greek goddess and heroines, were shown great power and were viewed as being beautiful. The women who were scene as very powerful or were worshiped for such influences mostly consisted of the Greek goddess’s and heroines from Greek mythology. This did not exclude outside women who lived during that time, for some of them also possessed greater power as compared to women of past generations. Greek goddess’s and heroines were often praised, not only for the power they possessed, but also widely for their immense and stunning beauty. It was very uncommon for a women to ever be considered beautiful or rather for it to be expressed. Beauty, ... ... middle of paper ... ...he city but it was not uncommon. The unfortunate part of the women having power is that they did not always hold it for long. History shows that women showing and having power and being praised fluctuated a large amount. Right now in history females have great potential and are pushing the limit as to how much power they can have and more importantly how much power over the men. That is not to say that they can not as easily lose their power as the Greek women and the rest of the women throughout history did. History is meant to show the future generations what they can do to change the potential outcome. From this the women should realize that things need to be changed so that a downfall never occurs again to where women are mistreated as unworthy and sexual beings. Rather things should change where the women could possess the equal power as men that they deserve.

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