Women of Early American History

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Women of Early American History

We find many story’s recounting the contributions men made throughout American history; yet, in comparison we find few accounts of women’s influence and patriotism for their county. This does not mean that women did not contribute to the establishing and building of a new government. There are some accounts of women who through voicing their opinions or through their actions made a difference. Abigail Adams spoke to her husband about her concerns for America and the future state of women in a new government, Emily Geiger performed a heroic deed for her country, and Maria Stewart voiced her feelings regarding freedom for blacks. All three women performed in their own way services for their new country.

In the early beginnings of America, while men were meeting to create a new government, a series of letters were exchanged between Abigail Adams and her husband John Adams. In these letters the two spoke of things of the heart – home and family, of Britain and America, and women’s future in this new world. Abigail told of an incident where 100 women gathered at the local store front. They were angry over extortionate wartime prices and demanded the keys to the store so they could get the food needed for their families. When the keys were not given over, the women took the store owner by the neck and threw him in the back of a cart. Abigail reported, “A large concourse of Men stood amazd silent Spectators of the whole transaction” (America’s Women 80). Her somewhat light-hearted telling of the incident spoke not only of what took place but also let her husband know that women would not sit by and allow injustice to take place. There was no doubt of Abigail’s alliance for her new country. In November...

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...women. CIA Director John Brennan had this to say about women in the CIA, “I am very surprised at how perceptive and insightful women can be about how a man is acting.” The interview went on to point out that it was a woman who found Osama bin Laden.

(Ann Curry, NBC). Yes women’s contribution to our country has come a long way. From the letter writings of Abigail Adams encouraging her husband to remember the women and their freedoms. To Emily Gieger helping America to win a battle against the British. To the unappreciated speeches of Maria Stewart trying to motivate Black Americans to stand up for their right. To the women who are actively participating in the events of this nation today. I have no doubt that as more history is reveled we will see and hear about courageous women who cared not only for home but also for the country they lived in.
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