Women in the Work Force during World War II

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. Summary of Evidence Prior to the Second World War, most of the women who actually worked were from the lower working classes, since most middleclass women did not work outside of their home. These women were expected to take care of the household, look after their children and provide emotional support for their husbands whereas the women who were from a more poor background were cooks, laundresses and maids. (Rickiki) There were many opinions about women working during the time; some thought the jobs that working women had should have been given to the unemployed men, while others believed that women from the middle class or above should never lower themselves in order to work. Many of these opinions were challenged when the United States entered into World War II. Even though there was a prevalent propaganda campaign with “Rosie the Riveter” as the ideal female worker to encourage women into working, it was not the patriotism that convinced women to work, but the economic incentive. Once at work, they discovered the benefits of working, such as acquiring new skills, contributi...

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