Women in the United States

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Women are not equal in the United States. The horrible face of misogyny in the United States reveals itself in a few ways. Women are unequal financially and have less security. Women are treated differently and are subject to different expectations in academic institutions and women are victims to a mass media onslaught on their intelligence. The United States still has far to go if women are truly ever going to be equal.
Higher salaried fields are traditionally occupied by men, whereas lower paying sectors are occupied by women, although it is across a large spectrum of field that women consistently make less than men. It women are to truly achieve equality in this white male dominated country this pay gap needs to retreat to zero. It is amazing that a country founded on freedom would not give birth to nascent ideas like equality. The US has a horrible history of not upholding the rights of minority groups and women. However, women hold a status in the US that is unprecedented because women make up a large percentage of the population condoning the fact that it is not only men who oppress women, but women who oppress women.
Women are not holders of telltale signs of economic mobility such as fair wages, and equal education. It is even worse for minority women. A cycle of poverty keeps many women at the low income level. According to the Shriver report women make up two thirds of minimum wage jobs. This could be an explanation for a system that is rigged to keep women in their place.
Part of the reason that women do not occupy higher paying sectors is that they must fight stereotypes that they are only good for roles related men ie. secretaries or child care workers. Women also lack role models in higher paying fields that are ...

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... their children and need to do their half of the childcare and housework.
It is almost impossible to be a woman in America. American women receive conflicting messages and they never receive the right messages. They are not told that they are smart and that they have a voice and that they are human and important. They are not encouraged to follow their dreams. They are often stifled by family responsibilities. They are almost never encouraged to go into STEM fields. They are put into a box and kept there and their voices yelling to break open the box are silenced.
American women are second class citizens. They face hardships financially, educationally, and, socially. American women deserve equality and nurtured to follow their dreams. The United States is not a place for women to advance themselves. However, some are trying and their voices refuse to be silenced.
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