Women in the State

Women in the State

The purpose of this paper is to define the different types of feminism and describe whether there is still potential for a unified consensus among the different feminist groups. The four main types of feminism can be separated into the following categories: liberal, radical, socialist and identity. These types of feminism may be easily divided academically, but there are many aspects that people consider from all angles to form their own opinion. The following is a description and general understanding of the movements mentioned.

First, the idea of liberal feminism sees all people as equal; therefore there should be equality for all. They see sexism as dysfunctional because it deprives society of one-half of its creative work force. Oppression exists because of our socialization process with education being the primary aspect. Liberalism emphasizes "man's" ability to be rational, setting them apart from other creatures and therefore deeming them worthy or rights. Liberal feminists recognize the importance or rights and seek a system of equal rights for men and women. A central idea of liberalism that has been "includes a belief in the equal rights of all human beings and a faith in educated human reason". (MacIvor 40) Education, being a key to recognizing equality, is one of the prime aspects of liberal feminism. It's believed that "women were equal to men in natural intelligence, and only appeared to be inferior because they were denied a proper education". (40) Overall women are as intelligent as men but are deprived of equal rights and opportunities because of education and reason.

Now reason itself is a key concept within the school of liberal feminism. "Reason is a higher quality, sep...

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...don the idea of male dominance and annihilate the structure of male patriarchal oppression. With this as a common goal, I believe that feminism has the potential to exist under a unified form of though or movement. It is hard to conform into one ideology when there are so many different aspects and views of feminism that include drastic differences in philosophical and strategic approaches, but under the skin of these different movements a main objective is still held amongst all. This objective being a change and reaction against the domineering and oppressive force of men and the deterioration of the education, employment, and disadvantage barriers that surround the state as a whole. With this objective, unity and consensus amongst feminists can be obtained.


1. MacIvor, H. Women and Politics in Canada Toronto: Broadway Press, 1996.
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