Women in the Middle East

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Women in the Middle East Women’s rights in the Middle East have always been a controversial issue. Although the rights of women have changed over the years, they have never really been equal to the rights of a man. This poses a threat on Iran because women have very limited options when it comes to labor, marriage and other aspects of their culture. I believe that equal treatment for women and men is a fundamental principal of international human rights standards. Yet, in some places like Iran, discriminatory practices against women are not only prevalent, but in some cases, required by law. In this essay I will explain to you the every day life of an every day Islamic woman living in Iran. You will be astonished by what these women have endured through the centuries. The rights granted to women in the Quran (the Islamic Holy Book) and by the Islamic prophet Muhammad were an improvement to the rights prior to the birth of Islam. In fact, the Quran states that “God treats men and women as spiritual equals”. The Quran also states the dress code for the believers but does not support or advocate it. It was innovations and fabrications that introduced the Hijab (veil) to the Islamic religion. The Hijab is a veil that is a traditional, not religious, head cover that dates back to the ancient civilizations. In Iran, the law is that all women MUST wear a Hijab in all public places, regardless of citizenship, religion or choice. Those in contravention of the dress code a...

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