Women in the American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a massive change for the new colonies and many countries around the world. Yet, it did not just affect the countries and governments; it mainly affected the everyday people because their whole worlds were thrown upside down. With around 25,000 soldiers dead or a ratio of 1 out of every 20 who served died; many wives went on without their husbands, children without fathers, and mothers without sons. Men were not the only ones giving their lives or time to fight for the new country’s freedom. Women had in some cases take the place of their husbands in running family owned businesses or farms on top of caring for the children, cooking, and cleaning of the homes. Many women were also placed in danger because either many of the battles actually took place near many towns or they could not stay at home for various reasons. Women during the Revolution War contributed so much by caring for the home, being nurses or camp followers, secret soldiers, or even spies. Caring for the home was part of the daily job of women before the war; duties changed when their men went off to war. They had to clean, cook, care for children, do mending and make clothing plus add caring for any animals and farming any land they may have or taking care of the business the husband may have owned like a bakery, book store, or tavern since they were not there. On top of all that they had to worry if their husbands or sons, in some cases, would even make it back home. Women were not given many opportunities with running of businesses or being in charge of the family’s finances so many of the women had to close the businesses. Prices of goods the families would need were rising daily because of the war; if they could not grow or ma... ... middle of paper ... ...he army took who they could get even if their motives seemed suspicious. When people think of the American Revolution they normally only think of the sacrifices that the men made; the women made just as many to help this country gain it’s freedom. Women during the Revolution War gave so much by caring for the home in different ways, being nurses, which were nasty jobs at the time, camp followers by cooking, cleaning, washing and mending clothing, secret soldiers, dressed as men, or even spies. These women who done anything for their country were brave as they faced death, loss of money, loss of home, starvation, fighting, and other dangers that faced them. These women carried on strong no matter how tough the hardships. Abigail Adams even told her husband to “remember the ladies” but it must have not happened because the services they offered have been forgotten.
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