Women in 1950s Entertainment

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The 1950s shows us a quite significant time in American history. It was a time when more and more began to appear on screen, as comediennes, dancers, singers and much more. Lucille Ball was a comedic actress, and was one of the most influential stars during her lifetime. Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic stars of the 50s and even decades after her death, she is still a very well-known person, seen on posters and t-shirts worn by high school and college students. Known for her startling violet-blue eyes and love life, Elizabeth “Liz” Taylor was a British-American actress who hit the scene at just 12 years old. Both a film and theatre actress and singer, Dorothy Dandridge is best known to be the first African American to be nominated, an Academy Award for Best Actress Oscar, for the movie, Carmen Jones. Lucille Ball was born on August 6, 1911. Ball started off as a singer, model and a film star before starring in the 50s I Love Lucy. She had co-starred with Desi Arnaz, who was her husband until the year 1957. At the young age of 15 Ball persuaded her mother to enroll her in a ...

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