Women during the 1780s

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“Her name is Louise Pierce. She was born in 1770. She is able to perform all tasks around the house. Louise will be sold as a single slave today and I start bidding at five dollars.” That was the last thing Louise heard before my husband Thomas and I, Sarah bought her as our slave. Louise had no idea that she would be working a very low wage at all hours of the day. She was required to wake up at 6 am, prepare breakfast followed by doing the wash until lunch, which she prepared. After lunch, Louise was to clean the kitchen, run any errands of my choice and begin preparing dinner with myself. She usually stopped working around 9 pm, which is when Thomas and I would reside for the night. Although Louise was only 15, she was very smart and intuitive. She was able to sew, cook, clean, and manage our household very well for being so young. Louise had the potential to be a very smart young lady but unfortunately due to her skin color, she was not allowed to be educated.
My husband Thomas is a very old fashioned man who believed in whites holding all the power in our nation. He would never see it in any other light. I think most of his oppression comes from fighting in the revolutionary war. He clearly showed his views through his actions towards our slaves. He would physically abuse Louise if she were to speak when she wasn’t spoken to or mess up on any sort of task. I never defended Louise but I felt her pain in my heart. I would not dare speak out against my husband. His views were my views and even If I felt different, I had no place saying it as nothing would come of it anyway. Thomas never wanted children. He is too selfish with his money. Our tobacco plantation is probably one of the best around our parts. Thomas isn’t exactly subtle when it comes to being humble about our money either. We are very well known as Thomas is a member of many political and social groups. We both attend church every Sunday in our best outfits and host dinner parties annually.
Life wasn’t as grand as it looked on the outside. Thomas and I had different views on life. He was for slavery and white supremacy and I believed in equal rights for all human beings.
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