Women at Work

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Women at Work

We know how people were dealing with women before Islam and we know

how the Islam modified that situation by recognizing woman, her rights

and her obligations. A man might say "But women should stay at home

for cleaning the house, serving their babies and cooking". I agree

with him that the main message of the woman is serving her husband and

motherhood. But, there are some jobs that are preferably fulfilled by

women. For example, since our society is still conservative, it is

unethical for a male doctor to treat a woman in the hospital. However,

female doctors must be available in hospitals 24 hours a day. In

addition, the new system of education in our country requires a mix of

boys and girls to study in the same class. Accordingly, it is better

to have a mix of teachers in the same school. So, the woman’s role in

the society is incredible and the whole society must respect and

evaluate her being. Now, I guess that you have, in your mind, an

inquiry of how is this issue related to the Human Resources issues?

I hear a lot of people saying that unemployment in Oman is increasing

due to the increase in the quantity of women entering the workforce

market and catching jobs. Also, conservative people still say that we

don’t have shortage of men and our government should replace women

workforce with men. It is similar to say "Why the university didn’t

send a male student to Australia and prepare a master in Human

Resources Management, instead of Ms. Misida Al Jahwari". How can we

reply to such sayings:-

· First of all, our society should be informed that men and women are

equal and the woman is allowed to work anywhere if that doesn’t

conflict with her main message.

· Unemployment involves men as well as women. If a woman is able to

work but couldn’t get a job, she is considered as unemployed member of

the society.

· If a woman is more qualified and has an interest to do the job, she

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