Women and the Holocaust

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Women and the Holocaust

The Jewish female is like the ovule of a flower, it spreads its seeds to create future generations. It is known that the true root of a Jewish person lies in the hands of his/her mother. As it was once said by Golda Meir, “To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man.� (Golda Meir Quotes par. 1). And in fact it is true, that women had to be better than man to survive the holocaust, but not only to survive the holocaust but to live on to tell the stories, and to spread Judaism. Although every Jewish person was equally a victim in the genocide of the holocaust, the Jewish women were one of the main targets. This is because the Jewish women were connected to the “race struggle� of Nazism, for the women carried the next generation of Jews. The Jewish women of Europe were taken from their homes by the Nazis and killed, and the ones who escaped ended up carrying on Judaism. If it was not for these surviving women, there would be no Jewish population today.

Jewish women were known to place the life of their families ahead of their own. They would sacrifice and work until death to save their children’s life. They were women of valor, full of courage and strength. In the lineup when the S.S. called “LEFT!—RIGHT!� Those two words determined the end of their life. The ones who lived were tortured and the ones who died were sent off to peace. Rape was a common a...
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