Women Who Made an Impact During the Civil War

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-Harriet Tubman During the civil war, Tubman fought fro the Union Army, which was the northern states, as a nurse, cook, and a spy. Tubman was originally a slave but escaped with the guidance of the Underground Railroad. She could not enjoy her freedom though, knowing most of her race was still enslaved. Being committed to freeing as many other slaves as she could, the next ten years of her life, after escaping, was spent conduction the Underground Railroad. Tubman was the first woman to conduct the railroad and lead hundreds of slaves to freedom. Not only would she help them escape, she would also educate the newly free slaves. Tubman was considered ‘Moses of her people.’ -Clara Barton When the Civil War broke out, Barton was one of the first volunteers to appear at the Washington Infirmary to car for wounded soldiers. Barton’s father convinced her that it was duty as a Christian to help the soldiers. After her father’s death in 1861, Barton left the hospitals in the city to go help the soldiers out in the field. “What could I do but go with them, or work for them and my co...
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