Women Throughout History

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Due to the preconception that women are supposed to be submissive, society continues to prevent them from being dominant in the workplace. Traditionally women are supposed to be housewives and nurture their children, overtime these views have changed. In todays society not only are women able to be mothers but they can also work outside of their homes. Women, who are considered single mothers, do every job whether at home or at the workplace. Men see women as inferior because until the about the twentieth century women began to gain just a tad bit of independence. This ties into gender roles, there has been many studies on how children are brought up, when a girl is little, parents give them a doll to nurture it; which means society outs this burden upon girls to be nurturing. Some people say we are the person that we became because that is how our parents taught us to be. This is true, a woman is taught to be caring, nurturing, a house cleaner, and a wife. Men will always eventually be as they were taught to be superior. Society is slowly changing but women are still limited in the workplace.
Throughout history, women have always been seen as inferior to men or in reality to anyone. According to Stephanie Muntone in her article “Women’s Rights in the 19th Century” she states that “a woman was seen as a second-class citizen in a republic founded on the principles of liberty and equality.” America is the country where everyone is considered equal but this is only according to white rich men. Women did not even have the right to vote; when they finally did, they felt a little independent. According to Muntone in London, there was a World’s Anti-Slavery convention in which women could attend but the conventional leaders only allo...

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...d not be the cause of a low salary and opportunity.
The American society prevents woman from being dominant in the work place because of the fact that women are well known to be submissive. Many people joke around saying women belong in the kitchen, but up to what point is this really a joke? Commonly women are assumed to be housewives to “work” in their home kitchen and care for her children. House wives believe that no matter how arduous housework actually proves to be, they do not feel themselves to be at work.[xix] Housework is not a paid job, it is more of a responsibility burdened upon a woman. In today’s society these views have altered, women now have more job opportunities and it is normal for a woman to be employed. Although women do work, they are still seen as submissive because of the unequal treatment and salary they are given compared to men.
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