Women, Then And Now

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Women Then and Now. Introduction: There have been many changes in the course of history dating back all the way from slavery unto the abolition of slavery and other fights that are since being fought. Women have always been at the forefront of these battles whether directly or indirectly. Over the years they have left their mark on the world, whether here in the United States, or worldwide, which has significantly helped to change and influence significant spheres of life from region to region. Although there has been significant changes that women helped to make, only in the past century have there being a concentrated effort to acknowledge these contributions made by women to our society. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, women were not allowed to even speak a certain way in public, let alone own property, work in certain positions, nor even have the rights to vote in the United States and other countries. As the world changes, so has the influence and role of women in our society. Women, over the years have fought for the rights to be heard and to be treated as equal in a diverse world. Because of the changes in the status of women in modern times, the right to own property, to vote, and to choose their own careers; consequently, may block the accomplishments made by women of earlier eras. Looking back at the influence made by both contemporary women who are changing today 's world and those whose contributions have endured through the ages, there are conclusive proof that women from past eras still live on in today’s society through our music, and arts. There are many women in history who risked their lives to overcome great oppression from their surroundings through much determination, skill, and creativity. R... ... middle of paper ... ...ll as, Women’s Rights. Unit Description: As a result of this lesson, students should be able to note differences between nations of Native Americans, disproving the common societal misconception that all Native Americans are the same. Students should also begin to develop an understanding of the importance of sequencing events to fully understand history and literature. Finally, students will gain an introduction to the value of research, using easy read nonfiction texts. The focus for younger students in Women 's Suffrage is on citizenship and the value of voting. Students will read through Effie Hobby 's story and have a chance to ask questions. Essential Questions: o How did these influential people make change during their time? o What legacy did they leave for future generations? o How were the Native Americans affected when Europeans settled the new land?
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