Women Of A Black Woman By Michael Gomez, Paulo Freire, And Ruth Hubbard

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Overcoming unbearable, yet sometimes even fatal obstacles experienced from generation to generation to becoming some of the most profound leaders in the country we reside in today, tremendously increases my personal perspective on how honored I to be living life as a black woman. While being a student in ADW this semester, I have been exposed to several critical analysis and historical texts written by authors such as Michael Gomez, Paulo Freire, and Ruth Hubbard that informed me about various important aspects that occurred in constructing our African Diaspora. Reading these analysis, I was informed about several positive roles performed by African women and other women of color whether it relates to politics, religion, health, and etc. The harsh avenues and routes black women from the past had to not only experience, but also had to overcome based upon their skin color and by also being poor plays a vital role in my life when it comes to how I perceive myself as a black woman. In my opinion, black women in general were always considered to be the most least important people in society. By women of color having the ability to resist, the ability to endure, and the ability to persevere despite every bullet the elite white man shot at them personally define how I perceive myself as a black women in the 21st century. I perceive myself as a black woman who is beyond valuable with a dominant voice that knows where she has came from but that also knows that there are no limits on how far she can go. I perceive myself as a black woman that is equipped with vital aspects and tools that can allow this society to expand by being able to reproduce. I am assured by these perspectives because women of color before me have already established... ... middle of paper ... ...ffect how I perceive myself as a black woman in the 21st century by showing me how to resist, endure, and how to persevere despite all odds that may be thrown against me. Yes, I understand that I still may be considered the least important person in today’s society but I refuse to live life according to this misinterpretation. If I take for granted what black women have done for myself and other young women like me, clearly I do not understand the level of importance the roles they have played in the past have on my future. I am where I am on today because of black women from the past and I will be a successful iconic figure because of black women from the past. I am beyond grateful for their every achievement and I refuse to fail them regardless of what the circumstances may be. I will fight just as black women in the Diaspora before me has done; I will not give up.

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