Women In The Criminal Justice System

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“Gender violence is one of the world’s most common human rights abuses. Women worldwide ages 15 through 44 are more likely to die or be maimed because of male violence than because of cancer, malaria, war, and traffic accidents combined… people can perceive violence against women as evil and tolerate it at the same time” (Belknap, page 288). This quote depicts the many obstacles that women face when victimized in the criminal justice (CJ) system. Candace Kruttschnitt explores the study of female victimization, male and female offending, neutrality of theories, and how the media plays into the gendering of crime. Kruttschnitt points out the question of whether gender disparities and if they are handled in a more neutral manner or if they need…show more content…
It is important though that we don’t forget to pay special attention to the profound impact that some of the earliest women working in prisons, jails and juvenile institutions have made, and the paths they have paved for women in generations to come. One woman in particular, Margaret Moore, fought through sexism, racism and faced significant oppression to become the “first woman to be superintendent of a male prison in Pennsylvania, Deputy Commissioner (overseeing seven prisons and about 10,000 prisoners) in Pennsylvania and Director of the District of Columbia Department of Corrections” (Belknap, page 480). Cheesman tracked three major changes in the late 1960s that lead to the hiring of women into men’s prisons. These included the “1969 recommendations by the Joint Commission on Correctional Manpower and Training to integrate women into guard positions, Title VII in 1972 which allowed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission the power to prosecute title VII violators in federal courts, and guidelines established by the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals to recruit and hire women in all areas of prison/jail work in 1973” (Belknap, page 481). It is inspiring and heroic women, like Moore, as well as legislative changes, implemented to protect woman from sexist discrimination in the workplace, that give all women the courage to stand up and fight for equality, justice, and a better future, in terms of employment opportunities, for the generations of women to

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