Women In Movies Like Persona

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The “white picket fence” American Dream soon dulled out and the original meaning became greater. This was the result of woman soon feeling like they did not a have purpose for being. This feeling was stronger within many of the woman because were merely beckoning at every call of their kids and/or husband. And when Movies like Persona (1968), which shows a woman doing more than staying at home. The main character in Persona is a nurse, who is a women making her own money, outside of the house, and holds more responsibilities than merely domestic chores. As more and more movies like these came out and media promoted these movies and the main roles of woman started to explore outside of the house. Also, only 38 percent of American women who…show more content…
The constant pop up ads for online shopping for feminine girls or the body building woman in google images make it seems reasonable and okay for a human to behave this way as well as the internet showing that it is okay for a man to have bangs, long hair, and be domestic. showing that shows that it is okay. This shows that a woman that she can be either a housewife or have a seat in the senate. (between that body builder and the fragile girl on the pop up ad. The internet shows all the possibilities for both roles, and not only does the internet show that the woman and the man can switch roles, but it shows that this behavior is okay from both sides. A man can be soft, follower of the internet and the world. if he wants dress as a woman and she can be masculine and lead if she wants to. The internet leads for this to be okay and justifiable through YouTube, Facebook, twitter, etc. “It is being noted by many previous researchers that there is evidence on gender imbalance in the use of the internet” (Munusamy and Ismail). Meanwhile, Hupfer and Detlor (2006), who are authors of Gender and Web information seeking: A self-concept orientation model within the American Journal of Science and Technology, found that male and female differences in web searching appear to persist such as women are more into e-mail, chat, and search reference materials about medical and government information whereas men tend to focus on information about investment, purchase and personal interests. However, as the years went by, shopping online, chatting, using social media, etc became mutual activities online for both of the sexes. It is unavoidable for the internet to be one of the biggest factors that is changing the distinct gender roles of the man and the woman into similar gender roles because the interne tis constantly throwing pop up ads and images of same sex activities. The internet is
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