Women In Media

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Women in Television, and what can be said. Skinny, blond, ditzy, annoying, un-educated, easy, and considered a typical women. If you’re a women and you hear these words, does it make you think of who you are, or your mother or sisters? I think not…but I do think about the people I see on television and in magazines or in movies. What I want to know is who is writing the scripts for some of the television shows that I watch. I would like to hope that it’s not women putting these stereotypes on their fellow “sisters”. Television is so different today in so many ways than what it was when it first started to blossom. “I love Lucy”, what is that show about? A hard working husband and a “House” wife that is often puzzled in situations and doesn’t know how to solve them. “Leave it to Beaver”, “My Three Sons”, and so on…all these families with a father/husband who goes off to work as the wife stays home to clean. Now true we don’t have the women staying home in shows these days, but we have non-realistic women in my opinion. Women who are so skinny that if makes you feel as if there is something wrong with the way you look. Friends one of my personal favorite t.v. Shows I think portrays women in a way that society typically views women today. Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) to me plays the closest to role to what women are today. She is business driven, a good personality, strongly voiced, and a soon to be mother. The...

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