Women In Hip Hop

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Hip-hop throughout the years has had an overwhelming influence on the Black and Hispanic community as well as society as a whole. Hip-hop is not only music for entertainment but a role model for others regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Although historically American society has impacted hip-hop, Hip-hop has perpetuated how women are represented in today’s society. Women’s representation in the hip-hop culture such as music videos or magazine covers portray women in a negative light. Women had long fought for the rights to be considered equals, however, are presented as tools men gain the greater they hold power. Not only are women objectified, but they are also seen as sex tools. However, too much sex and they are labeled to…show more content…
Hip- hop has influenced society on the way women are represented as objects, sexual tools, given false beauty standards, and false self-definition. Hip-hop genre is predominantly men and generally male oriented. Because of that, women find it tough to make a name in this industry and are sexualized. McKenzie Gaudette seems to suggest that in hip-hop women are displayed sexually for money when she says, “However, a closer look demonstrates that the music industry is more interested in selling a woman’s body for profit rather than advance her musical ability as a rap and hip-hop artist”. Clearly, McKenzie Gaudette believes money is brought in by sexual content. Most target the audience of men and what appeals to them portraying the females with sexual images in music videos or lyrics. Lyrics play a major role in how women are viewed throughout hip-hop and society. Younger generations get influenced by what they hear. This has influenced them to believe it is okay for women to be sexualized. Hip-hop has begun to display these images in girl’s minds about how they should look. These false beauty standards and body perceptions have created beliefs that anything else is not…show more content…
Young girls and women, in general, look to hip-hop to find what is considered beautiful. Rarely do you see in hip-hop dark skin and natural hair. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it shouldn’t matter whether your hair is curly or straight. In hip-hop, women are constantly objectified. They are portrayed to be less than a man or an object in which they obtain. In music videos women are items men gather to show that he has power. The more women and money he has, the more fame and wealth he holds. Brittany Carter believes that women are treated in hip-hop as awards when she says, “In rap culture, women are treated as a sign of success. They are treated like they are accessories and they are a way to show status of a rapper, to prove that they have made it.” Carter argues that men objectify women in their songs. Younger kids become influenced by that and believe that is the way to treat women and get successful. Women in hip-hop are no longer seen as humans. Whether it is sex tools or an achievement made, they are no longer beings of equal status. With hip-hop lyrics such as calling them hoes, bitches, bad bitches, and sluts they are labelling women. No longer is a woman called by what they are, they are fit

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