Women In Combat

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Women in combat

In 1994, the Pentagon passed a law that restricts women from being in a direct combat zone. Right now there are many women in one of the biggest war zones ever, Iraq. Some females have been injured and killed while present in this combat zone. The military is violating not only the defense department regulations, but also the requirement to notify Congress when such a change goes into effect. Early next year, there is said to be a mixed-sex 3rd infantry going to Iraq. Women are risking their lives every day in a military that has specific laws stating they should not be in harms way. Should our military abide by the law and send less women if not any into combat zones, or should they continue to enhance our military by training women and shipping them to fight for our country?

Women have been fighting for equal rights to men for decades, but that battle is supposedly over. Men and women are said to be equal. Just as, Blacks and whites are equal. If a military woman has the same proper training as a man does and has served their country the same amount of years and are equivalent in ranks. Why could the woman not exceed in her mission just as much as the guy would? Some say women are more fragile than men, and they cannot take the pressure of combat. Any woman with the right amount of training could do just about anything a man can. Yes, some women are weaker than some men and not as fast. However, some men are a lot slower and not as strong as some women. If a man and woman have the same training and exercise daily they should be pretty even in endurance and flexibility. Therefore, men and women are physically equal. Now, about the pressure in combat. Can you imagine the pressure of being in a combat zone? Can you see your self
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