Women During World War II

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“Gee, I wish I were a man!” It is an odd thing for a woman to say, but during World War II this saying was a common advertisement to encourage women to join the workforce during the war. The United States join World War II after Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was attacked on December 7, 1941. The surprise attack caused many men to be drafted. Men had to leave their homes, which left women to take care of the household. This was a war that transformed the lives of women and the lives of Americans in general. World War II resulted in women keeping contributing to the economy, American home life changing, and women’s role in society evolving. Women were needed to fill in the place of men to keep the economy running during World War II. Initially, men were drafted, which led to many businesses and manufacturing industries being left with few to no workers. Women kept farms and businesses running while men were at war. Women were encouraged to work because the economy needed workers. Rosie the Riveter was propaganda for women in the war. It encouraged women to join the workforce (Petersen 21). Women probably did not expect so much responsibility being forced upon them due to this war but they had to step up. Furthermore, women comprehended the problem and began to do their part as a citizen in the time period of World War II. 24% of women in the United States were part of the workforce in 1940 (“Women in Business”). By maintaining a job, women were able to keep the economy up to date. They manufactured many products in factories, but that was not the only occupation they had. Thirteen million women, besides ordnance workers held jobs during World War II. These women ran shops, drove ambulances, worked in mines, fought fires, etc (Petersen 2... ... middle of paper ... ...what they want. Women were viewed differently after World War II and fought for their rights after they saw that they had the ability to change their role in society. Women in the workforce drastically changed the way Americans lived during and after World World II by effecting the economy, changing life at home, and developing a new role in American culture. World War II had a large impact on women’s lives and the lives of many Americans. Women in the workforce were able to show they could be maintain a job as well as take care of the children and the household. Not only did women get jobs, but they also gained rights after realizing their own abilities outside the home. Women gained many skills which helped them prosper and also shaped our country’s society. Without the women in the workforce during World War II, the nation would not be the same as it is today.

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