Women Chef: An Impact On The Food Industry

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The question as to how women chef have made an impact on the food industry is a very popular question. Over the years women have struggled to gain recognition in the different majors they decided to participate in. In history the only major recognition female really had was been a housewife working in the kitchen and taking care of the family. As time went by a woman’s career in the foodservice slowly started gaining recognition, higher rates and awards that have been achieved over time women have made and taken big steps to get to the place that they stand in now. Women in tradition have always basically worked in the kitchen to make small simple meals. In ancient times women were looked to as the main food supplier because no all food was hunted but gathered and the women were the one who did the gathering. American Indians would most often treated their women as equal as they treated their men because at that time period they basically did more for cooking and keeping their families alive than just men. In the 1970’s there was a feminist movement that did a lot for women including placing them in their proper places and for some that was a commercial kitchen. Comparing things now and things from fifty or twenty years ago the population of female chef have risen. In history females were the main suppliers and nourishers and they would stay home, clean , take care of the children, and farm. The problem is that with this things became too complicated for women and it was affecting their ability to have children they ended up eliminating the amount of farming work that that gave women which limited them to just having them do the cooking at home, taking care for their kids while the men were out working. Overtime, women’s advanc... ... middle of paper ... ...e able to handle the difficult than most women. the role of a female chef is meant to be played by motivated , passionate, and determined women who are ready to face the challenges that come within being a female chef. Gender politics in the professional kitchen blog writes “women are also still younger on the experience scale, which means they make less pay”.Males are also looked more to not just when it comes to chefing but also in general things. Males have been ahead of females in the kitchen for many years prior to women which makes them more resourceful and more experienced. Goins says,” its not an industry that accommodates women very well” and “in a commercial sized kitchen , everything is huge and really heavy”. This is a physical discrepancy that women have over male which is another reason why men are given more attention. Its much more easier to give mor
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