Women Being Included in Military Combat

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On June 12, 1948 the bill renamed “Women’s Armed Services Integration Act” was signed by President Truman. This allowed women to enlist in the military once between the ages of 18 to 35 and those who were below the age of 20 needed parental or guardian consent. Women started off as nurses, then soldiers, and now there are female spies and snipers. If women are allowed to join the military, they should also be allowed to be included in military combat. Enlisting allows them to get a stable job, get an opportunity for advancement and there will be voluntary enlistment.

Being able to get a stable job is not easy at present times. Everyone wishes that they can obtain a stable job, like this they are able to pay off school loans, credit cards, and even mortgages. Women would be able to support their family, help them out with their bills and other expenses where their family’s income isn’t really cutting it. Having a job in the military quarantines you from being hurt by the economic decline. So when there is a downsize you will still have a job to hold on to get you buy through t...
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