Women And Globalization Essay

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Globalization has improved the quality of life for women all around the globe. The expansion of western factories into underdeveloped countries and the increasing concern for international human rights exhibited by a variety of international institutions and organizations have improved their status greatly. Women are often the most marginalized individuals within a community, and sexism affects all aspects of their lives. Globalization has helped feminists to ease the oppressions faced by women by allowing them to together to fight in solidarity within international organisations. Women in underdeveloped countries have benefitted from new employment opportunities provided by Western factories expanding into new markets. This allows women to…show more content…
Women face oppression all around the world, and when states infringe upon the human rights of their people, women in particular are left with very little power. The firm establishment of human rights within many states is improving the quality of life of many women. As outside states increase their investment in the world population, the probability of humanitarian interference rises. Even without direct intervention the scrutiny of outside states can have a dramatic effect on the actions of a state. A state leader is aware that any abusive action they take against their population will be noticed and criticized, and in extreme cases, might even be acted upon by outside states. This puts pressure on the state, encouraging it to change oppressive laws. As legal gender equality becomes more of an international expectation, states are feeling increasing pressure to adopt equal-rights laws. This is helping to empower women, as laws which favor men often put them at the mercy of the men in their lives. For example, there are countries in which only men have access to obtaining a passport, and others still in which a woman cannot legally prosecute a man for rape. These laws are certainly not endorsed by the international human rights regime. Therefore, states continuing to conform to the human rights regime and adopt equal-rights laws are drastically improving the lives of
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