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Through the involvement of government legislature and the evolving demeanor of today’s society, inequalities between men and women in the workplace have dwindled to an all time low. However, while it is inevitable that progress continues, the struggle remains for women to gain the full equality they deserve. Many individuals are in error, believing that the war against gender discrimination has come to a victorious halt, however, this is not the case. It is essential to constitute the degree of validity, or ambiguity concerning the pervasive affirmations of a decrease in discrimination against women in the work force. Women endure a constant struggle as they fight to acquire, in all aspects, equality at work. Female news anchor certainly partake in this particular struggle. The road to news anchoring is an imperious one; survival is seldom and flourishing in the profession is less than common. As of today, the numbers of women who succeed as anchors is deficient due to the inconspicuous discrimination that hinders women’s progress in the profession.

There exists a plethora of men who have succeeded in the alluring yet demanding occupation of news anchoring, however, women, on the other hand, are avidly awaiting not only progress, but prosperity. heir lack of ascendancy continues to be impeded by the strict standards for beauty set for women in the industry, contrasted by the looser requirements expected of men. To succeed as newscasters women must surpass men in all aspects, their work ethic must be more efficient, their appearance must be flawless and they must go beyond their limits, testing their capabilities. While critical steps have been taken by women in televised broadcasting, equality is remote since men are a domina...

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... has been demonstrated that women are more than willing to confront these situation in order to succeed as anchorwomen. Though there is much progress to be made before equality among men and women on the news desk is attained, women continue to stand firmly on their views concerning discrimination and don’t go down without a fight. The incompetence society deems of women as news anchors is unjust; women are more than qualified and their potential to thrive is beyond what one can imagine. Though the role physical appearance plays among male and female news anchors is a crucial one, especially for women, it should not interfere with a woman’s professional progress. Discrimination severely limits a woman’s advancement in their profession, which is greatly unjust; opportunities to ascend should be given to all and anything that inhibits this should be terminated.

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