Woman's Rights

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Woman's rights is a dilemma that affected the lives of millions of women worldwide during the 1930s. Even today in certain parts of the world discrimination exists. In places like the United States however, discrimination against women is at a minimum. Today, woman's rights is a topic that has bombarded our society with all kinds of questions that deals with the inequalities of men and woman's rights, the differences between an African American woman's rights and a Caucasian woman's, the advocates of woman's rights and how woman's rights has been mended since the 30s.
Women all over the world faced inequality in the 1930s. Maybe it was because women were expected to do certain things such as stay at home, raise children, and clean (Women and Work par 4). Men did not like the idea of a woman doing other wise. Women also faced inequality because during the 1930s and even before then, women were held at a lower status than men in society (Mead par 2). During the time between The Great Depression and World War II, women felt like they had an obligation to help their husbands In order to nurture their families. However during this time 26 out of the 48 states did not allow married women to be employed (Mead para 8). The women that did have the luck to be employed were sadly, not really lucky. They were paid less than men even though they worked as much or in some cases more than men (Anup par under Women). Women seldom took on jobs that were traditionally for men. Instead you found that men still maintained a higher position than women (Women and work par 4). Most women took on jobs involving health, clerical teaching and sometimes light manufacturing (Women and Work par 5). Some females also were encouraged to take on jobs at fact...

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...ual Pay Act , which payed men and women the same amount (U.S Woman's History Time line). On July 2nd, 1964, Title VII banned discrimination in employment because of race, color, gender, religion etc (U.S Woman's History Time line).

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