Wolf of wallstreet

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Wolf of Wall-Street is based on a true story; a movie which contains massive amount of inappropriate content, but most of all, the movie resembled a modern business environment which strives towards success thanks to great management such as International Capital, access to technology and great ethics. All the key features towards a success full business in a competitive environment The movie begins with a young man named; Jordan Belfort, who secured a position in Wall-Street as a stocks broker, making money by selling and recommending stocks to the shareholders. However, one day the stock market crashed and to no one surprise, Jordan got fired. He started to look for a job and latter on, he secured a similar job, selling penny stocks, hard to sell, however you get 50% commission fees. As time went by, Jordan became good at what he did and decided that he could run the business himself. One of the first people he recruited was Donne Azoff, who was a good salesman and someone who wants to strive in life. Jordan then recruited some close friends, they were all good salesman, the never had any experience in the stock market, but Jordan was determined to teach them all about the new market and make them all wealth. As the team grew bigger, they’ve seen great retunes and a lot of profit. Collective Brain power and great knowledge of the business made Jordan Belfort a very successful CEO. One of the most significant quotes in the movie was: “never let the investor roll-out with the money after a hit investment, instead keep him preoccupied with new sales, while the broker makes off with the commission”. This tactic has made not only Jordan rich, but everyone who was working for him at that time. Jordan has provi... ... middle of paper ... ...ot better then you are at making money. In the movie Jordan wasn’t very pleased with the work ethics he say at the office which sold penny stocks, everyone was laid back and there was barely any productivity going on, which was one of the reasons he wanted to start his own company. Wolf of Wall-Street is a great movie which displays management the way it is supposed to be because in that movie, the three key components for good management were making the business strive and succeed against its competition. International Capital made it easy for the business to make reliable decisions, technology made everything faster and ethics have made the environment a lot better for the people working for Jordan. A successful business is a place where people work hard, use its reassures correctly and have a great time doing what the do best and that it make money.

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