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"Wolf Team" is a Sci-Fi MMOFPS. It features the ability to transform into an anthropomorphic Wolf to fight or to use pistols, main-arms, and grenades to do the fighting for you which is developed by Softnyx, who also hosts it themselves, but also hosted by Aeria Games. It is a complete PvP game, meaning you will only be pit against other players and never against NPC's. The UI of the game is also quite user-friendly, showing you the score (top), allied player names, ammo in the weapon as well as in the belt (lower right), the map including allied positions (upper right) and current health value (lower left). Also, along the right side below the radar is the list of recent kills and deaths, going as follows: Name of killer, weapon used, if it was a headshot, and who their target was, where a Red name is a member of Red team, and a Blue name is a member of Blue team. Note, however, this game is rated M, for Mature, but the ESRB does not rate online interaction.

First and foremost of the design is the behavior of your weapons while in combat. The automatic weapons, of course, remain more accurate in bursts – one to three shots at a time – but get more inaccurate as you continue to fire. Also, they are more accurate while walking or standing still, and even more while crouching. However, something that isn't exactly realistic is the inability to look down the sights of your weapon unless there is a scope. In reality, you would be able to look down the sights to improve accuracy in combat. Also, the scope on weaponry greatly improves accuracy of all weapons, including shotguns, making them more accurate at distances instead of just for close-quarters combat. Pistols react the same way to this, becoming more accurate with a scope. Last...

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...eat design, giving something that no other MMOFPS offers: The ability to transform into a Wolf, or play as one in certain game modes. However, although most weapons play to realism very well, only sniper rifles tend to be somewhat unrealistic when moving and firing as well as scoping to aim. Even the shotguns aren't right since they get more accurate when scoping. With all the different wolves to choose from, you can easily pick one to fit your mood, style, or the situation. Without the Wolf at your disposal, you can cut up nearby opponents with a knife, in one, three, or counter incoming attacks. With all the different game modes you can play, you can hardly consider yourself bored with the variety of the game. So, all-in-all, the game is designed rather well. The only problem though is that they don't exactly execute it well, making some aspects semi-unrealistic.

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