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The wolf has often played an arguable role in people’s mind; however, in some cultures like the Native American one, the wolf is seen as a guide who can show humanity the way to get closer to their roots. In some other cultures, the wolf has been seen as the villain or as the wolf who tried to eat children or even as the one who is wearing a sheep suit to rule the real sheep to be able to eat them. However in indigenous or Native cultures, the wolf has been given a lot of great qualities. The wolf can be the pathfinder, way shower, and community builder, showing qualities like loyalty, protection, and companionship. The wolf has also been seen in the role of teacher, and healer. It is said that he can lead humans to discover their deep inner self and help them get closer to their spiritual totem. These aspect may be quite controversy to the stereotypical characteristics which were given to the wolf in some cultures. However, the power of the wolf stand still and the general public has become more open to the positive aspect and nature of this sumptuous animal. Today, it seems that one cannot go anywhere without seeing the emblem of the wolf on various items. People shall ask themselves, « Why is the wolf getting so popular? ». However, before discussing this hypothetical question in more details, let’s discuss the role of the wolf as it has evolved throughout history, beginning with its place in indigenous cultures.

From antiquity, wolves have been a central part of human existence. From Eurasia to North America, wolves have been interacting with humans for ages. Evidences of the powerful impact of the wolf on human’s spirit are everywhere. Wolves show up in the ancient lore of the Native American, the Japanese, and the Celts t...

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... taught humanity that if A loves B then B’s happiness is A’s happiness, B’s pain is A’s pain. Love is the expansion of the self to include the other. In addition, a wolf’s wisdom can help people dissolve the barrier humans have built over time that obscures the truth about humans’ interconnection with nature. In fact, when this barrier is removed, humans can begin to perceive all of nature as part of their soul family and not as something else which they can destroy at will. In the end, wolves and humans have been close to each other for tens of thousands of years in many ways. Wolves have taught early people how to survive and wolves have also taught early people what spirituality is all about. It now of humanity responsibility, using creativity, intellect, love, and awareness, the wolves gave humans, to again find the perfect place in the scheme of Great Mystery.
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