With Tuition Costs at an all Time High, Is College Really Worth It?

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Since infancy, parents are always encouraging their children to go to college and become a professional. But in this new age economic crisis, is college really worth it? Tuition costs are rising to a criminally high price have everyone arguing. Is college really a good investment? Well in a very short way, Yes it is. An investment that makes you 500,000 to a million dollar lifetime payout is uncomparable. In the end, today an average college graduate will make far more over the course of his or her life than the average high-school graduate who doesn't attend college. This in itself should be enough, but there's also a priceless benefit of college. Going to college has been proven to give overall higher life satisfaction. This is why college is still worth it. One of the biggest reasons parents and students started having doubts of college was because of its rising prices. College prices have risen significantly throughout the last 20 years. College tuition has indeed risen to criminally expensive prices, and because of this the decision of going to college can't be made in an impulse or a whim. College isn't for everyone we all know that, but what if your a smart kid and you get accepted to a top rated college ? College is definitely the choice then. College is indeed still worth it. Going to college has many benefits, but its clearest advantage is your income. Going to college ultimately means that you make more money than you otherwise would without a degree. This is worth far more than college’s upfront price. According to the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey, in 2011 the median income of a high school grad who never went to college was $28,659. for those with some college but no degree, it was $32,036. By contrast,... ... middle of paper ... ...to drop out of college and pursue anything they want with their new found money. Nothing really was heard about any of these prodigies. Only one story was received from these kids, and that was a coffee spray. IT was a mouth spray that gave you a rush of caffeine and all. IT never reached any amusing hype and was an immediate flop. Dropping out of college might of not been their best idea that day. At its core the decision about going to college should be a very thought out decision. College isn't cheap and its worth is being challenged, but we should know that college is still one of the best investments a person can ever make. Higher income is the most important one, but surprisingly a lot of secondary effects come with deciding to go to college. These are better health, and overall higher life satisfaction. College outright makes your life better in the end.

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