Witchcraft and Magic in the Middle Ages

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In order to understand witches, we must first understand how the Church distorted the very basis of what a witch is. I find myself constantly drawn back to how society viewed witches in the Middle Ages as compared to the present day opinion. The subject of Witchcraft and Magic was influenced deeply in the Middle Ages which in turn, lead to an influence which pervades our society today in the form of Wicca, otherwise known as the present day version of witchcraft. It is an unfortunate consequence of our civilizations history that Witchcraft and Magic in the Middle Ages is rarely given rational consideration by the aristocracy, many of whom fail to comprehend the full scope of Witchcraft and Magic in the Middle Ages. Here begins my in-depth analysis of Witchcraft and Magic in the Middle Ages.

Benign witches were considered good witches, which practiced in the art of white magic. They used nature and herbs through spells that were made help people. Even though the witches used spells that were good in nature, the witch was not friendly and often times scared the general public. The People of the Middle Ages were susceptible to the dangers of health problems, bad weather, financial strain, and war. Ones seeking a fix to their problems would go to these witches to cultivate positive energy over them and to rid them of the evils in their lives. These witches would create potions from earth grown elements and people would buy them to cure illnesses and protect their health. Even though the witches intentions were good, the Christian church seen them as heretics and treated them as devil worshippers.

Malevolent witches were considered evil and focused their energy on causing harm to society by causing accidents, bad luck, illnesses, a...

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