Witch Hunt Of 1692 By Richard Godbeer

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Witches the supernatural of the world, the coming out of Katherine Branch and her episodes. When really it’s just crazy young orphan girl wanting attention from her owners. That was the reality of the book, it stated of really well, the excitement the realistic acts, then the lies came down clashing. She couldn’t keep up with the names; she couldn’t keep up with the lies. I didn’t like the book; I enjoyed the beginning, first chapter, when the episodes I was reading where realistic. They came together, pieces where slightly going together going with her allegations. Then she became not knowing what she was talking about then asking questions to her mistress, then all of a sudden knowing the person they where talking about became her main suspect just because she heard it. The book report of Escaping Salem: The other Witch Hunt of 1692 by Richard Godbeer. I enjoyed the beginning; it was realistic, made me believe that she was possessed by something. Almost like n exorcism, the devil inside the black crow, the gibberish they say because they are possessed, just like there is good in th...
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