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Wireless Technologies Today Everyday we as a society employ our wireless technologies throughout the day, sometimes even subconsciously. We wake up and check our cell-phones and PDA’s for information concerning the success of our day. We get to our respective workplace and our company’s wireless technologies, such as implemented wide area networks for quick and accurate communication of information between corporate officers or for communication of information to maximize manufacturing at a plant. According to an article posted by Texas Instruments written by Computerworld, “Purchases of wireless hardware reached $2.2 billion in 2002 and are expected to top $3.9 billion by 2006, according to research firm In-Stat/MDR. Units sold will skyrocket from 18 million to 75 million in 2006, which suggests that the cost of deploying wireless will continue to fall.”(Wireless Gets Down to Business) “The convergence of computing and communications will be complete when consumers and businesses everywhere are always on the Net, and wireless is the primary way this will be achieved” declares Pat Gelsinger, vice president and chief technology officer at Intel. “Wireless is like the PC was 20 years ago – everything is changing so rapidly you can barley stay abreast of the frenzied, chaotic pace.”(Wireless Improves Factory Efficiency) Through innovations in computing and communication technologies, businesses are providing the devices, wireless capability products and frameworks the world demands to expand the benefits of wireless capability for a wireless tomorrow. Discussion: The topic I chose is wireless communications, by all indications a mainstay in many processes throughout the diverse collection in United States indust... ... middle of paper ... ... of wireless capability for a wireless tomorrow. Bibliography “Wireless Improves Factory Efficiency.” Intel IT managing. May 2003. Intel. 21 Jun. 2003. “100th 3G In-Building Wireless System.” 21 Jun. 2004. 3G. 21 Jun. 2004 <>. Louderback, Jim. “Could Handspring Redefine the Smart Phone?” PC Magazine product guides. 25 Jun. 2003. PC Magazine. 20 Jun. 2004. . Collet, Stacy. “Wireless Gets Down to Business.” ComputerWorld. 5 May 2003. Texas Instruments. 20 Jun. 2004. . “Building the Wireless Tomorrow.” Intel. 20 Jun. 2004. .

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that wireless technology is the primary way to achieve convergence of computing and communications when consumers and businesses are always on the net.
  • Opines that wireless communications is an important element in the business world because of the many advantages that it generates in support of businesses efficiency.
  • Explains that the motorola mpx200 is the first device in a new generation of "smartphones" that run the new microsoft windows mobile 2003 software.
  • Explains that wireless networks are becoming more prevalent in businesses and their processes. the most notable use of wireless technology is the conveying of information between business associates.
  • Explains that intel is a fundamental example of the manufacturing industry integrating wireless controls to increase factory mobility and efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Opines that society needs to become aware of the wireless technologies being used today, become accustomed to them, and prepare for the advancements that are certain to come at the hands of innovation and imagination.
  • Cites louderback, jim, and stacy collet, in their article, "wireless gets down to business."
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