Wireless Technologies

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Wireless Technologies Wireless technology is widely used throughout different countries and governments, and is one of the most fast-growing and needed technologies on the market today. While in the past it has been looked at as something that is not needed, now is necessary. Most companies have main business functions that occur outside the main office, and taking a laptop computer into the field helps the need to complete services particular to that business. Globally, the wireless field is expanding and both people and business are beginning to heavily depend on its services all over the world. Wireless technology has also become more popular in the field of education and is being taken in by not only university campuses worldwide but also high schools, and elementary schools. With such a new and advanced technology taking the world by storm, there are many different forms of applications of the technology and devices that are heavily depended upon by the average person. With such a dependence on these devices today, there are safety precautions and security risks that must be taken into affect. One obvious wireless item that is widely used is the cell phone. Over the last decade, cell phones have gone from strictly for businesses or the rich and famous to the average high school student. Statistics are not needed to know what affect wireless technology has had on the average person and business. Roughly 90% of adults, whether employed or not, have a cell phone in their possession. However, it is not just the adults. While most kids today own one also. Today, both parents and children can utilize having a cell phone as a way of communication between each other or getting ... ... middle of paper ... ...hnology is involved that had the ability to shape our everyday lives, it is looked into extremely thoroughly. Today everyone is affected by wireless technology, it is very hard not to be. Whether it is the government using their high-tech equipment with satellites or buying something off Ebay on your laptop in your car, or even just talking on your cell phone, we are all affected in some way by wireless technology and the time has come to where we have to adapt to this new wave of technology and utilize it in every way possible. This world is in a constant competing environment and we all have to acknowledge that technology is extremely fast-paced and constantly changing. Making this step into wireless technology I expect to be a long but smooth transition, and eventually for the technology to be at the entire world’s fingertips.
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