Wireless Networks: Security and Safety Issues

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A huge number of mobile and embedded device interconnecting constantly by mobile and wireless networks with heterogeneous infrastructures , sharing serious and sensitive information, these ubiquitous computing environments ; however, may arise some security and privacy issues. Indeed, security is becoming increasingly a major issue in ubiquitous computing environments. This is because the big difference between traditional wired networks; and wireless, sensor and mobile ad hoc networks that are used in UbiCom environments. Therefore, ensuring that these networks, sensitive information and users are secure is a great obstacle , due to the unique features of these networks, such as: complexity, mobility, openness, scalability and dynamism (Boukerche and Ren, 2008). In addition, preserving data integrity, availability and confidentiality is also a mutual concern in UbiCom systems (Wang, McNair and Xie,2006) . Thus, a large number of respective mechanisms, policies and models are suggested in order to address such raised challenges or at least mitigate them. Authentication is the main approach of guaranteeing security in any system. It enables systems to make sure that only authorized users can access networks and share resources. Buhan, Lenzini, and Radomirovic (2010) suggested that a strong relation between the users and their mobile device is required to authenticate themselves to ubiquitous services. Accordingly, Contextual Pseudo Identity was proposed, which is an authentication key uses user’s biometric samples and contextual information to verify his identity. Contextual data can be collected from the user as his situation or what activity is doing, or automatically from his device as his location. In each session the user r... ... middle of paper ... ...ture Notes in Computer Science, 2201 ,273–291, Springer , 2001. 9. Wang, W., McNair,J., Xie, J., Authentication and Security Protocols for Ubiquitous Wireless Networks, In Vasilakos,A., Pedrycz,W. Eds.,Ambient Intelligence, Wireless Networking, and Ubiquitous Computing, 329-344, 2006. 10. Vaidya,B., et al, Investigating Authentication Mechanisms for Wireless Mobile Network, Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 6159, 902-911, Springer , 2006. 11. Yang,W., Tao Zhu,W., Protecting Source Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks with Data Aggregation, Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6406,252-266 , Springer,2010. 12. Zhang,P. , Fan,J., Zheng, W., Privacy Protection in Ubiquitous Computing, First International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Signal Processing and Applications, 2010.
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