Winter Dreams Relationship Analysis

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For the first topic, I chose to write on the relationships described in the readings. Each story perfectly depicts the complex meaning behind the different relationships. No two relationships are the same; therefore, that is what makes them interesting to decipher. The subsequent relationships described below all had their ups and downs, which made them all very relatable, for me, as the reader. Furthermore, there was a very notable dynamic in all of the relationships in these past five weeks. I will commence with the relationship of Dexter and Judy from the story, Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Their relationship had a very inimitable dynamic to say the least. Dexter was most certainly smitten by Judy. He was…show more content…
It was quite evident throughout the story that Harry did in fact respect his wife Helen; however, his many flashbacks of other women undoubtedly demonstrated that he was not in love with his wife. After all, loving someone and being ‘in love’ with them are two entirely different sets of emotions. Harry was a skilled writer, and unluckily was dying due to an infected leg. During his last hours on earth, I could undeniably sense the disdain that he had towards his wife and her wealth. What was ironic was that he lived a comfortable life and probably never complained then, but the minute he realized that he was dying, he instantaneously held her accountable for the fact that he never wrote any more works. I could not understand why on earth he would blame her for this, other than the fact that he probably did not write much because he never found the urgency to. They were already wealthy, thanks to Helen. His wife, on the other hand, did love him even if the love was not shared. She remained optimistic throughout the entire ordeal, and she treated him exceedingly well during his final hours on earth. Harry had an abundant amount of past relationships, and possibly some mistresses as well. This excerpt represented to me that he was a very passionate person, and that with his past loves he quarreled with them because he cared, and did…show more content…
The story was about a young African American boy named Dave that wanted to buy a gun in order to gain respect from his peers. The setting is essential because it was based in the South, in the late 1930’s. This was important since blacks in that particular era suffered a lot of injustice and prejudice. They had virtually no respect from the opposing whites, and when they had zero respect from their own race, it made things even worse for them. This seventeen year old not only suffered injustices from the racist folk, but also had trouble gaining any respect from his fellow peers. He worked hard in the field (when not at school) to no avail. He believed that a gun would garnish him immediate respect from his fellow co-workers. Here we can see an instance of Dave thinking to himself… possibly about killing the whites and blacks that have wronged him? Merely possessing the gun gave him a sense of power. Although he never re-enacted his thoughts in real life, it is still important to note that the gun gave him a false sense of invincibility. Based on the setting portrayed, we know that this is most likely a very small town riddled with racism and poverty. I believe that being in the South may have made his situation even worse. Life differed greatly for African Americans when you compare the differential treatment that the Northern blacks and the
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