Winning Hearts And Hearts In War On Plagiarism By Scott Jaschik Analysis

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Scott Jaschik discusses various situations of plagiarism in college in his article, “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism,” in order to argue that there are more efficient solutions to prevent plagiarism. Jaschik published this article in Inside Higher Ed, which is an online news source, that he cofounded, targeting first year English and college writing instructors. In the article, he explores different ways of preventing plagiarism and emphasizes the importance of academic integrity. By drawing on different instructor perspectives, he employs various situations such as an online student discussion board and an assignment to purposely plagiarize in order to highlight common issues with why students plagiarize. Jaschik wants his audience to see that
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Jaschik addresses this problem and offers the solution of instructors being more open minded to plagiarism in his article, “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism”.
Jaschik uses many rhetorical choices, such as illustrations, formal diction, and expert testimonies in order to argue that writing instructors should, “make decisions on more than just legalistic approaches”, while also trying to teach students more about plagiarism (265). Although there is no guaranteed solution of preventing plagiarism, Jaschik shows the pitfalls as well as what writing instructors should not do with the many examples of attempts to prevent plagiarism by other college educators. Jaschik successfully persuades his intended audience of first year writing instructors why merely punishing students for plagiarizing is not as effective as being more open-minded and teaching students more about plagiarism.
Jaschik, Scott. “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism.” Inside Higher Ed. 2008: Rpt. in First Year Writing. Seventh Custom Edition. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions,
2013. 261-266.
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