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Calvin Coolidge once said, The chief business of the American people is business. This statement is as true today as it was when Coolidge said it because America is largely defined by the nature of the businesses that drive its economy. One of the major economy driving businesses in America is Boeing, an aircraft production company with plants all over the United States. The aircraft produced by Boeing are used for military and commuter services. The Boeing 747 commuter jet has become the symbol of the company, and a great symbol of what America is all about. Diversity, efficiency, and creativity are terms used to describe America, but now they are being used by the Boeing Company to describe the Boeing 747.

Nothing on the surface of the Boeing 747 would lead one to believe diversity could be related to it in any way at all, but if one considers the production and the materials of the airplane itself, it is easy to realize that the Boeing 747 is, in fact, diverse. People from all over the world with parts from all over the world produce the Boeing 747 in factories located throughout the United States. Just like America, the Boeing 747 has a tradition of resiliency because of the hard work and dedication of the people who fuel its production. Diversity allows continual change for the better to take place; America and the Boeing 747 are no exception to the rule.

Speed and efficiency have been the most important attributes of any means of transportation produced in the United States since the Industrial Revolution, and considering the fact that the Boeing 747 is capable of delivering hundreds of passengers to a desired location on time, one could safely say that the Boeing 747 is quick and efficient. For the most part, people in America and on the Boeing 747 are there because they have goals and destinations that they want to reach as quickly as possible. The Boeing 747 and America provide Americans and foreigners alike with the opportunity to get where they want to go without wasting time. Any decrease in the speed and efficiency Americans have come to expect from the Boeing 747 would mark the beginning of the end of its wide spread use and existence.

Perhaps the most important factor going in to creating something like the Boeing 747 is creativity itself.
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