Wine Tourism Essay

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Obviously, food and wine tourism brings some impacts on the destinations. In the report, we will introduce from three main points of impacts which are economic impact, environment impact and culture impact. Meanwhile, there are some other impacts will be mentioned in this report although they only apply a few effect on the destination. First of all, we will introduce the economic impacts of the food and wine tourism, this tourism brings series of relevant industries. For example, hotel,restaurant, rent a car and guide tour. As we all know, with the developing of tourism industry, an increasing number of people will come to the destination, that means they need more space to live, eat and enjoy the views of that destination. At the meantime,the…show more content…
Firstly, when tourists go to different destinations, they must try to find the local typical food or wine, people always want to try the unique things. And some countries are famous for some typical food, for the reputation, people must want to try. For instance, Fish and Chips from the UK, Sushi from Japan and so on. When the tourists try local food, it is also a communication of different culture, they can find the difference between different cultures. Such as some Asian countries use chopsticks to eat, and some countries use knives and forks to eat. It is a type of cultural exchange and shock. From other side, food and wine can also improve the imagination of the destination, so that may attract more tourists come to visit. Namely, as we mentioned in the report before, the French wine, Germany Beer Festival, fish and chips from the UK and Sushi from Japan, those are all some of the motivations of the tourists. It is worth mentioning that there are some people who are employ themselves in jobs related to the food and wine industry, they are a main group of people who may go to the destination because of the famous food or wine. But what we can not denied is there are some negative cultural impact in the meantime. Sometimes when people go traveling, there is unavoidable chance for them to meet some unprofessional restaurants or bars. Those unsatisfied experience may make them feel upset on…show more content…
The governments should consider about the sustainable development. First of all, to prevent the huge pollution problems, government should hire more cleaners to clean the destination, by the way, they can also appeal to the tourists not to make too much rubbish by using slogans or advertisements. Slogans and advertisements can easily cause the tourists’ public spirit and make them be more politely. Secondly, government can making advertising videos to attract tourists come to the destination. It can be actualized by combining with other types of tourism. For example, when develop the tourist attractions, restaurants and bars can be built nearby, and in the promotions, the delicious food and wine, high-quality restaurants and bars can all be recommended. Food and wine can be a considerable factor when the tourists select their destination, but it is hard for them to find some good place to eat. Making advertising videos with food and wine or make apps that can recommend tasty local food are good ways to motivate tourists. Thirdly, the restaurants and bars themselves should improve their own qualities and provide perfect service and products for their consumers. For example, the tourism department of government can launch some cultivate courses for the staffs so that they can learn how to make consumers feel good and even want to come back to the destination again. In the meantime, from
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