Windsor's Tourism as a Honey Pot Site

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An accurate definition of tourism is when individuals travel for pleasure or it may be the business catering for people who do this. There are many reasons as to why people might visit different locations. It could be to explore different civilizations and ethnicities for example, Greece; or it could simply be to experience a different lifestyle and to take a break from their usual routine and rest, for example, Venice.

Tourism is a tertiary industry which enables people worldwide to take trips to places for their own conveniences. I t is also the fastest growing business on the planet. Some people may decide to visit these places for purposes such as leisure attraction and as a part of their holidays.

The tourist industry has changed by a large amount, over the past few years due to the change in peoples’ life style and the change in the economy. Now that people earn much more money than in the past people can afford to spend more money on leisure. People now have the benefits of a paid holiday which leads to a lot of tourism as the individual gets his/her holiday money from their work place.

Another reason for the growth in tourism is that towns have more to offer than one tourist attraction, therefore meaning tourists have a wider variety of holidays to choose from. People find their holidays more enjoyable nowadays as the majority of tourist attractions have thought about other people’s needs, for example, disabled people are now able to enjoy their holiday without struggling, due to various methods and planning done by the tourist industries to make holidays for all groups of people suitable.

An additional feature as to why tourism has extended is due to means of technology, such as television, radios and the internet. Te...

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...y spectacular, causing the majority of tourists to visit them. Windsor is a honey pot site because it contains many tourist attractions (for example Windsor Castle) that tourists find alluring. As Windsor offers educational aspects, such as history, as well as shopping and other activities, it manages to attract people of all ages. This results in Windsor profiting much more money.

Tourists may decide to observe a specific district, resulting in the region earning a mass amount of money. This will soon result in more jobs being created, meaning there is more employment.

On the other hand, whilst the honey pot site is attracting more and more people, the local individuals will complain about many aspects, such as litter and there being too much noise they will also complain about their surrounding environment gradually being destroyed by the large number of tourists.
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