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Did you know that Henry I was the first monarch to use Windsor Castle as a home? During his reign, the wooden keep and walls were replaced with stone and served as a stronger structure for the castle to survive upon. Windsor Castle has housed many kings and queens throughout its lifetime, and has become a monument in England’s history. It has been refurbished over the years, but still has remained with the same layout. The interior is the extent of the changes made around the castle over its lifetime, besides the walls being substituted with stone. The first resident, George I, to live at Windsor Castle had two children, who were of course called George II and George III (Fry 194). George V, who was married to May of Teck, lived in the castle…show more content…
It had one of the royal family members living in it in 1110. People, such as Edward III and George IV, have added on and rebuilt the castle to the point where all of its rooms and walls stretch to no less than 12 acres on the banks of the River Thames (Fry 64). Early buildings in Windsor Castle were erected by William the Conqueror not long after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Until the reign of Henry I, all of the walls were wooden. He turned the entire castle into stone. All of the fortifications were strengthened over the next one-hundred years, which led to a journalist stating that there is no finer castle in all of Europe (Fry 64). The Round Tower is located at the very heart of Windsor Castle and was built in the late 12th-century during the rule of King Henry II. It is one of the oldest surviving parts of the castle. The Long Walk is an avenue of trees spread out by King George IV. This pathway leads to the south front of the castle (Fry 64). The Waterloo Chamber had been built by George IV to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo. This battle took place in 1815 Windsor Castle had first become one of the permanent residence of the royal family during the very vast reign of Edward III. Edward began remodeling and rebuilding the castle after 1346. This entire project cost approximately 50,000 pounds, which is around 66365 U.S. dollars. The construction took about a quarter of a century to complete. This whole project was so extremely extensive that a chronicler had reported that just about all of the mason and craftsmen throughout all of Europe were brought to Windsor Castle in order to finish what Edward III had started (Fry

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