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Windows NT and Linux: An inside look and comparison! One of the many challenges of a corporation, small business or educational institution is how to network the people within and outside the organization. Linux and Windows NT are two network operating systems that suit this purpose well, each having its respective advantages and disadvantages. One organization (Nichols College), began utilizing each operating system for two very different purposes. I will explain the function of the two operating systems and how well they each performed for Nichols. Windows NT  Advantages and Disadvantages  Business with Windows NT Linux  Advantages and Disadvantages  Linux in the Business World  Conclusion: Windows NT or Linux? Windows NT: Its Pluses and Minuses Windows NT (New Technology) is an operating system made and offered by Microsoft. Microsoft first released Windows NT in 1993. The basis of Windows NT is an operating system that controls basic computing functions, such as manipulating files. It is a "multipurpose server operating system that delivers a fully integrated file/print and server environment." Windows NT offers one of the highest levels of compatibility with other operating systems and hardware. It was created to be the most integrated, extensive, and easy operating system and it comes in two ways:  For desktop PC's  For server computers (supporting computer networks). Windows NT has both positives and negatives. Some of the advantages include: Integration Performance Reliability Security Manageability Internet Access. Windows NT Server allows all applications to be utilized from the Windows NT Directory Service or NTDS. This has a network logon to all servers and services that it provides and its advantage: Only one user database is needed for the whole system. Windows NT also allows integration with other hardware and operating systems; and files and applications from other servers such as Unix and NetWare. This gives users the ability to install Windows NT knowing that it can fit with their current network. The performance for Windows NT: It runs applications faster, especially 32-bit applications. It is also faster than Windows 95 on 32 MB machines or more. Window NT provides graphical user interfaces (GUI). Definition of GUI - designs used as symbols that make a function visible to the user quicker than having to look for it. As far as reliability, Microsoft has a clustering middleware, named "Wolfpack" that provides fault-tolerant clustering on mainstream PC server hardware. ****Windows NT also provides memory protection and preemptive multitasking, a journalized recoverable file system, and RAID striping with parity.

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