Windows 95 or NT

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Windows 95 or NT

When one asks himself or another, Which Operating system will better fill my needs as an operating system Windows 95 or Windows NT version 3.51. I will look at both operating systems and compare the qualities of each one in price, performance, stability and ease of use. The final results will give one a clear view to the superior operating system for years to come.
As one already knows, that if you keep up with the computer industry, that Microsoft Windows has been around for a long time. The Majority of all PC users use some type of windows for their working environment. Microsoft has spent a great deal of time trying to make the supreme operating system. In doing so they have created two of the most debated systems available to the general public in this day and age. However, in doing so each one of these operating systems has there good side and there bad side.
Windows NT 3.51 was originally created for business use, but has ended up being more widely available for the average PC user in ones home. Windows 95 was developed for the sole purpose as an alternative to Windows NT. But has ended up in the work place more then the home. Windows 95 carries an average price of ninety-five dollars in stores. Which makes it an expensive system worth the money. On the other hand Windows NT 3.51 carries a price tag of three-hundred and forty nine dollars. Making this software very expensive but also worth every penny.
Windows 95 is much easier to use then Windows NT. It was designed to make the PC user have more of an easier time navigating through its complex tasks. This is one of the main reasons why people would rather buy the more less expensive operating system. Rather then the more expensive system Windows
NT. Another one the reasons that Windows 95 is more popular is for its simple graphic user interface otherwise known as the GUI. Windows also carries a option that Windows NT does not carry. That option is called PnP or Plug and
Play, This is where the operating system will install the hardware and new hardware that could be added at a later date in time, Windows NT does not carry this very useful feature. If one has ever tried to install a new peripheral to ones computer it can be a headache alone trying to decipher the instruction manual that comes along with the device. Windows 95 will do this on its own, one of the downfalls to it is the fact that it can be only a device that is less
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